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 Jul 01, 2018  "The Lord is My Portion, Thank God" - Janet Davidson   Listen Now
 Jul 08, 2018  "The Nature of Love" - Pastor Ed   Listen Now
 Jul 15, 2018  "Faithful Watchmen" - Pastor Ed   Listen Now
 Jul 22, 2018  "Sheep Without a Shepherd" - Pastor Ed   Listen Now
 Jul 29, 2018  "God Gave the Increase" - Pastor Ed   Listen Now
 Aug 05, 2018  "Going Deeper" - Pastor Ed   Listen Now
 Aug 12, 2018  "Strong Foundations" - Pastor Ed   Listen Now
 Aug 19, 2018  "Good Ground" - Pastor Ed   Listen Now
 Aug 26, 2018  "Loving My Neighbor" - Pastor Ed   Listen Now