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Each week the latest sermon will be posted between 4:00pm and 6:00pm ET. An audio-only recording can be made available by request. Please call the office at 513-753-6770 to request a CD. Sermons will be available from the
website for the last six (6) weeks. However, older copies are available upon request.

Aug 08, 2021

2021 Praisepalooza

Jun 27, 2021
 Today, Pastor Ed talks about, "Building a Firm Foundation"
Aug 01, 2021
Today, Pastor asks, "Who Is A Good Neighbor?"
Jul 11, 2021
 Today, Pastor Ed reminds us that, "Jesus Brings A Living Hope"

Jun 20, 2021
Today, Pastor Ed asks, "How Big Is Your Faith?"
Jul 25, 2021
Today, Rev Hoard talks about, "What is the Greatest Commandment?"
Jul 04, 2021
Today, Pastor Abbott talks about, "If My People - We the People"

Jun 13, 2021
Today, Pastor Ed talks about, "Faith and Truth"